Turbo Wash
Touch Free In-Bay Automatic Carwash
Top ten reasons to buy a Cyclone/Turbo-Wash
• Cleans cars better than any other touch free.
• Available to fit existing bays easily.
• Simplicity of operation.
• Extensive use of stainless steel.
• Highest quality components throughout.
• High production means more cars.
• Will still be running well when you make the last payment.
• Can wash dually pickups or compact cars with the same machine.
• UL approved electrical throughout.
• Extensive options available to fit most custom items you desire.

While our competitors claim their equipment is high tech because of its good looks and aesthetics, that does not mean it is what you need to be successful in the car wash business.

Just another pretty face alone does not make a good mate, neither does just another pretty machine.

This business is all about clean cars and happy customers, it is not about who is the prettiest.

High volume car washes that deliver clean shiny cars need to be a "Workhorse", not a surrey with a fringe on top.

That's why our Cyclone/Turbo-Wash' is often called the "Workhorse". It's built to do the job year after year, decade after decade.

Without hesitation we lay claim to the fact that there are more units of Cyclone/Turbo-Wash's* basic design, 10, 20 and even 30 years old still washing cars, than all other makes of touch free units added together.

Our Credo: "KISS" - Keep It So Simple
Our Commitment : Keep it Updated.