TurboWash Bay Dimensions
Standard Bay Equipment

1) Hydronically heated overhead rail, round galvanized      standard (stainless steel square tube optional)

2) Commutator bracket and commutator

3) Stainless steel water supply

4) Stainless steel washing robot tower

5) Cycle switches

6) In-bay Stop and Go light

7) 30' galvanized wheel guide
    (stainless steel optional)

8) Galvanized wheel stop with Recora switch


9) High pressure stainless steel wheel blasters
     (Whiry Washers optional)

10) High pressure undercarriage

11) Entry switch T-1

12) Sign package (not shown)

13) 8-section stainless steel menu sign
     (10-section optional)

14) Outdoor entry light

15) Pizzaz arch (optional, not shown)

16) Galvanized I-Beams, C-Channel, optional uprights     (Not Shown)