The Cyclone/Turbo-Wash LT 5000 Power Pack
This unit combines user friendly design and low maintenance for higher profit
  1. HYDROMINDER fills on presoak /soap     /wax
2. Individual rinse/presoak/soap/wax tanks     (304 Stainless Steel)
3. Pre-plumbed inlet manifold (Not Shown)      Optional
4. Pre-plumbed inlet manifold (Not Shown)     Optional
5. Non-corrrosive inlet plumbing
6. Full shutoff valve on rinse supply, to 25     HP, triplex pump  (30HP Optional)
7. Stainless stell frame with leveling legs.     Approx. 36"W x 74"L x 74"H
8. UL approved, pre=wired electrical control     panel (IEC       compliant)
9. YAMADA non-corrosive air diaphragm     pumps with 3-way solenoid for no-stall     low pressure application of presoak and     soap
10. Low water safety shutoff for high     pressure pump (Not Shown)
11. Self tension belt adjustment (Not Shown)
12. Built in diagnostic system