Manni's Total Spot Free Rinse System

Manni's Spot Free Rinse System, using Reverse Osmosis will remove 90% to 98% of the total dissolved solids and 100% of the particulate contaminants. This method of water treatment leaves you with pure water: Water that leaves virtually no spots, streaks or deposits on vehicles. It produces visible results your customer will love.


Spot Free Self Service


Size: 27" W x 31" D x 60" H
Water: Feed with adequate 3/4'
Minimum flo rate: 5 gpm at 35 psi
Electric: 220 volts, 2, 15 amp circuits
Pump: Procon rotary vane
*Unit capacity based on 30 PSI and 77 degree water feed.


Quality Features:

Aluminum frame
Pre-plumbed, pre-wired and tested prior to shipment
Granular activated carbon filter ( Removes chlorine )
5 micron pre-filter
Low water feed protection
24 volt control system
Automatic flush system
3/4" Blending valve
R.O. and repressurization floats
Time delay for pump start-up
Repressurization solenoid valves 16" orifice,
less than 10 psi drop
Thin film composite membrane
Microprocessor controlled




Complete System Includes:


Reverse Osmosis Unit
Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Time Delay for Pump Start-up
Low Water Protection
Float Safety Switches
Monitor Quality of Water at all Times
Automatic Flush System
3/4" Leonard Mixing Valve
Repressurization Solenoid Valves have a full 5/16" Orifice
24 volt Control System

1800 Gpd 2 to 6 Bay
3600 Gpd 4 to 8 Bay
5000 Gpd Bays and Auto

Bay Installation Package ------$95.00 per bay
Storage Tank Extra


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